Opening an account at ANZ bank in Australia

Opening an account at ANZ Bank in Sydney AustraliaANZ is one of the world’s largest banks with more than 5 million clients. They employ more than 28,000 people and are represented in their primary markets of New Zealand/Australia, as well as Asia, the Pacific, UK/Europe and the United States.

Some of the products and services offered by ANZ bank are:

  • Financing
  • Transaction Services
  • Investing
  • Risk Management
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Insurance.

The types of accounts available in the Australian market are:

  • Everyday banking
  • Savings accounts
  • Terms deposits etc.

Opening an account at ANZ bank in Parramatta Australia

Let on to check that in detail.

Everyday banking

These types of accounts provide clients with access to money, low fees, extra services etc. Customers will be having a check on their account all the time. Following are the accounts that come under Everyday banking category.

ANZ Freedom Account

It gives clients the privilege the way they want to. It comes with a $5 monthly fee (waived off each month that the customers deposit $2,500 into their account). There will be no transaction fee, non-standard fees may apply. Easy access to accounts 24 hours, 7 days a week.

ANZ Go Account

It helps customers do their banking electronically. However, a fee may apply for manual transactions.

ANZ Jumpstart Account

It is an account for young clients (under 21 years). Also, they must be studying full-time.

ANZ Select Account

It is for them who keeps and average monthly balance of $5,000 or more. There will be a $15 monthly account fee waived off if the customer’s average monthly balance is $5,000).

Savings accounts

These accounts are for saving money for fulfilling the clients’ needs. Following are the accounts that come under Savings Accounts category.

Serious Saver Account

It helps clients reach their goals in savings by providing them with good premium interest. If they commit in making no withdrawals and savings $20 or more each and every month (it does not including credit interest).

ANZ Online account

Customers can access their money anytime through Internet Banking, Phone banking, branches and they will earn a full rate of interest.

Ready Saver Account

It is a simple account with a much higher and better interest rate as their savings grow.

Term deposits

An ANZ Term Deposit is a straightforward, easy to understand investment. The customers can select from a range of fixed terms (30 days to 5 years) and the interest rate is locked for the whole term. The minimum investment is $10,000.

How to open an account

The client can apply online by filling the application form in less than 10 minutes. The ANZ bank will then send a welcome mail to the applicant with account details and BSB (bank’s sort code). Since then, an account will be opened with limited access.

Then, the client will receive a call from the bank within 2 business days with their further ANZ internet banking details. After that, they can fully activate their account at any of ANZ’s around 800 Australian branches directly with a valid address and ID proofs.