How to Open an Account at the National Australia Bank

How to Open an Account at the National Australia Bank NAB SydneyFor most people, a bank account is a vital part of their lifestyle. A bank account provides a secure place to store assets and keep track of financial records. The National Australia Bank has operated for 150 years, providing over 10 million customers around the world with a variety of accounts and services.

NAB is the largest business bank in Australia, with 800 locations across the globe.

How to Open an Account at the National Australia Bank NAB Parramatta

Current accounts

Clients can sign up for a variety of services. For individuals, the NAB bank offers a current account with no monthly fees or min deposit. It comes with a mobile app and a VISA debit card.

Savings account

The NAB bank also offers fraud protection and access to online banking, so that clients can view their balance and deposit or withdraw money instantly. For those who also want to open a savings account, the bank offers a few different options. Each account comes with a different set of features tailored to the individual’s lifestyle, whether they’re saving for a particular goal, investing their income, or depositing and withdrawing often. Two of the accounts offer bonus interest in certain cases. Like the current account, there is no min deposit or monthly fee.

Credit cards and loans

The NAB bank also offers a variety of credit cards, each with a different set of features. Options include lower fees, bonus reward points, and complimentary insurance. Every card also comes with fraud protection and emergency assistance in the case of a theft.

Also, the NAB bank offers personal loans up to $55,000 for clients who want to travel, buy a new car, plan a wedding, renovate their house, and more. Fees are paid every week, including interest, until the loan is paid off.

Business products

For businesses, the NAB bank offers a wide range of options. The client can choose from a selection of accounts according to their number of transactions and level of income. Some accounts offer no monthly fees, while others pay high levels of interest.

Clients can also sign up for one of the NAB bank’s business savings accounts, which operate differently according to the flow of income. For those looking to simplify the process, clients can sign up for the business package, which combines a current and a savings account and offers a few extras, like payment cards and reduced fees on loans. The package option also waves some monthly and service fees.

How to Apply

Individuals can apply for both personal and business accounts online, but they must be country’s permanent residents.

If they’d prefer to meet in person, clients can also call their NAB bank’s branch or visit an advisor at their branch.

Individuals can also apply for loans or credit cards on the NAB bank’s site. The applications are short and straightforward, with clear instructions.