How to Open an Account at Citibank in Australia

Citibank in Australia is part of one of the world’s largest banking groups. In addition to bank accounts, The bank provides home loans, various types of insurance, cash management services, credit cards, and other products.

Current Accounts

Citibank offers two types of current accounts to suit their clients’ different lifestyles. The Everyday Account offers basic features like a free debit card, free ATM access, online banking, money transfers, and more. This account has no monthly or transaction fees and requires no min deposit.

How to Open an Account at Citibank in Sydney Australia

Clients looking to invest their money can open a Cash Investment Account that earns interest. Like the Everyday Account, this one has no monthly fee, and clients can transfer their money to the bank locations across the world free of charge. Both accounts come with monthly statements and access to online banking.

Savings Accounts

In addition to current accounts, clients can also apply for one of bank’s savings accounts. The Online Saver Account allows clients to link their account to any other eligible bank in the country. The account also offers monthly interest, the ability to set up a savings plan, and unlimited transactions. There is no min deposit or monthly fee.

For clients looking to save more, the Ultimate Saver Account provides a higher rate of interest and a min balance of $10,000. Both accounts include online banking and a monthly statements. This type of accounts also come with a debit card, as well as a few other features.

For business owners, the bank offers several products to help them grow throughout their career. Clients can apply for an Ultimate Business Saver Account, a savings account with a high rate of interest and a min balance of $10,000. This account gives clients multiple payment options, including checks, online banking, and a debit card. The account has no monthly fees. Business owners can also apply for loans up to $75,000 with the bank.

How to Apply

Clients can apply for bank accounts online or in person in a bank’s branch. Clients must be residents of the country. The online application can be done in minutes, with a Welcome Pack sent within 5-7 days upon acceptance.

Businesses can apply for a few services online, but for products like business insurance, they must visit a bank’s branch in person or contact the bank through the phone.

Other products, like home loans and life insurance, cannot be applied for online, the client must contact the bank over the phone or in person.