Online and Mobile Banking Services Available at Citibank in Australia

Online and Mobile Banking Services Available at Citibank in Sydney AustraliaFounded in 1971, Citibank has grown to become the largest foreign bank in Australia, with millions of clients served across the globe. The bank offers a wide range of services to help clients achieve financial success.

In recent years, the bank has expanded into online banking, offering online platforms and mobile apps to give clients access to their accounts 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Online Banking Services

The bank offers a variety of services for clients who use online banking:

  • a basic overview of their accounts
  • download a summary for their personal records
  • manage their account by changing the password, updating their address, changing their PIN, and making other changes
  • payment and transfers, including future dated payments and sending payments to multiple users
  • view bank statements (eStatements)
  • request chequebooks, bank drafts, and deposit books through the platform.

Clients can also manage their credit cards through the online banking. The platform allows clients to increase their credit limit and add an additional card holder, as well as manage their budget. Card holders can also set up recurring payments and future dated payments for their credit card bills. Bank cards can also be activated through the platform.

Mobile app

The bank’s mobile app comes with a set of additional features to help customers get the most out of the service:

  • use Touch ID technology, enabling customers to log in with the touch of their fingerprint
  • receive push notifications for account activity
  • find nearby Citibank ATMs and branches
  • see a live record of their credit card transactions
  • locate the nearest restaurant that participates in the Citibank Dining program
  • and enjoy other benefits.

How to Apply

The online banking program can be use by the¬†current customers only. New clients must open a bank account with Citi before they can proceed. They can apply for online banking through the application form on the bank’s site.

After entering the required data and activating their service using the PIN sent to their mobile number, users can create their user name and password and log into the program. If they need support, they can call the number listed on the bank’s site, send an email, or visit a local Citibank Sydney branch.

Getting the apps

The bank offers multiple apps to make online banking as easy and accessible as possible. The Citi Mobile Banking App is available for both iOS and Android. Both versions are completely free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The Citi Pay also makes it easy for customers to pay for purchases with their mobile device. This app is only available for Android through the Google Play Store. Clients need to get the app, then connect their bank card to the account to enable fast, secure payments.